Who am I?

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Let me tell you a couple of words about me.

Well, hello there!

Short introduction

Let me share a couple of things about me. First and the most important thing – I’m a photographer. For the last 15 years, I have been photographing the Croatian capital – Zagreb, and since 2018, I run and own a publishing business.

I love photography and travel, so in September 2023, I started combining those two things – which produced the brand Croatia Captured and this website.

I invite you to join me on my journey of exploring Croatia and taking photos during that journey!


About the website:

Here’s a short explanation of the pages you can find here.

Blog posts – Every article I have published here

Showcase – Probably the best explanation would be the following: List of the locations I’ve visited and photographed. When you find the location you’re interested in, just click on it to open a page about that location, which shows a short info about it, a couple of fun facts and link to the archive where you can find all the photos from that particular location.

Showcase pages are like the profile page of each location I’ve visited.

Search – Place where you can search the images of the Croatia Captured photo archive


When writing articles, I may have used AI to generate parts of them. Sometimes I use it to improve the article’s flow, check grammar, rewrite sections or I just let it do the research for me. I enjoy focusing on the photography aspect of this project, so I use as much help as I can to keep my focus on what I enjoy doing the most. (Yes, ChatGPT has checked the grammar of this as well. It’s a useful tool to have around 😀 )

Website version:

2.2 – updated on 26.4.2024
2.0 – updated on 1.1.2024
1.0 – started on 27.9.2023