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- Crikvenica -

Crikvenica, nestled in the picturesque Kvarner Bay near Rijeka, stands as a testament to Croatia's rich coastal heritage.

Photos taken on April 13th, 2024

Fun fact no 1

Crikvenica dates back to Roman times, when a military base and settlement called Ad Turres was established here. The name of the town derives from the word for ‘church’ (Croatian: crkva, in dialect crikva), referring to the monastery church of the Pauline Fathers, which was built by Nikola IV Frankopan nearby in 1412.

Fun fact no 2

In 1888, the first public beach was built in Crikvenica, marking the beginning of organized tourism. The town is known for its beautiful beaches, including the Gradsko kupalište (Public beach), Crni Molo beach, Balustrada beach, Kastel beach, and Kacjak beach.

Fun fact no 3

St. Nicholas is the saint protector of Crikvenica and almost its very brand. The festival of St. Nicholas, who is favorite among the seafarers, is the main event in the town’s calendar.

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Crikvenica, nestled in the picturesque Kvarner Bay near Rijeka, stands as a testament to Croatia's rich coastal heritage. This enchanting seaside town, the largest in the Vinodol valley, combines a deep historical lineage with vibrant tourist appeal, making it a must-visit destination on the Adriatic coast.

The roots of Crikvenica stretch back to Roman times with the establishment of Ad Turres, a vital military base and settlement. Its historical depth is further enriched by its name, derived from the Croatian word 'crkva' (church), highlighting the region's deep spiritual and cultural foundations. This name commemorates the monastery church built by Nikola IV Frankopan in 1412, which has been a beacon of local history and culture.

As of 2021, Crikvenica boasts a population of 9,980 residents who thrive amidst its historic sites and scenic beauty. The town's skyline is beautifully punctuated by the legacy of the Croatian nobles Zrinski and Frankopan, with impressive medieval castles and the pivotal church.

Tourism in Crikvenica is a delightful experience, with the town known for its excellent cultural, historical, and recreational offerings. Since 1888, when the first public beach was established, Crikvenica has been a pioneer in organized tourism. Today, the town's beaches, including Gradsko kupalište, Crni Molo, Balustrada, Kastel, and Kacjak, are renowned for their stunning beauty and inviting waters, perfect for a range of sea and underwater activities.

Visitors can indulge in a variety of entertainment events, explore the local history through its architecture and museums, or simply enjoy the leisure and relaxation offered by its seaside setting. Crikvenica is not just a place to visit but a portal to the past, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Croatian maritime history while providing all the amenities of a modern holiday destination.