Croatia’s Natural and Cultural Tapestry: Kotli and Novigrad na Dobri

Croatia is not just about its azure coastlines but also about its enchanting inland wonders like Kotli and Novigrad na Dobri. These hidden gems offer a glimpse into Croatia’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

Kotli: A Serene Village Oasis

Kotli, once an abandoned village, is now revived with life. Nestled in the heart of Istria, it is named after the natural phenomenon of kettle-shaped hollows in rocks. The Mirna River flows through it, creating stunning waterfalls and contributing to the village’s picturesque landscape. This village is a peaceful retreat and an embodiment of rural Croatian beauty.

Novigrad na Dobri: A Historical Town by the River

Novigrad na Dobri, located in a picturesque landscape of wooded hills, is a ruin of a significant medieval town. The town’s historical significance is reflected in its well-preserved historical buildings, traditional events, and local customs. Its proximity to Zagreb makes it an accessible destination for those seeking to explore rural beauty and historical depth in Croatia.

Together, Kotli and Novigrad na Dobri represent Croatia’s rich tapestry of nature and history, offering unique experiences far from the coastal crowds.

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