Frankopan Castle in Severin: Tracing Croatia’s Noble Heritage and Historical Saga

I’ve been to this castle a number of times, so I knew what was waiting for me. This is one of those places which is in ruins and forgotten by local communities. This would be an amazing tourist attraction, but unfortunately, it is only a ruin representing danger for everyone nearby.

I like places like these but don’t like seeing what they’re turned into because nobody cares about them.

This is what the internet says about this place.

The Frankopan Castle in Severin is a historical structure with a rich past, dating back to 1558. Initially, it was under the possession of the Frankopan family. The Frankopans, known for their alliance with the Zrinski princes in the fight against the Turks, shared their estates as part of this collaboration.

In 1580, the Zrinski princes transferred Severin to Prince Gašpar Frankopan of Tržac, and he was succeeded by Vuk Krsto Frankopan. The castle remained under the Frankopan family’s ownership until the downfall of the Zrinski-Frankopan family in 1671. Following their decline, the entire estate, along with all other Frankopan holdings, was looted.

Severin initially fell under Hungarian rule before coming under Austrian authority. In 1682, King Leopold awarded Severin to Count Ivan Franjo Oršić. The Oršić family renovated the castle in 1803, giving it its present appearance.

After the Oršić family, the castle was purchased by the prominent Ambroz Vranyczany. During his ownership, Severin became a principal gathering place for patriots from across the river.

Prior to World War II, the castle was owned by Vladimir Arko. However, after nationalization, the castle was neglected and today stands in a state of disrepair. Despite its current condition, the Frankopan Castle in Severin remains a significant testament to the region’s historical and architectural heritage, reflecting the turbulent history and the changes in ownership and rule over the centuries.

Check the Showcase page of the Severin/Zrinski-Frankopan Castle by clicking HERE.


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