Kotli: A Hidden Croatian Village with Unique Geological Charm

Kotli is one of those places I didn’t know it even existed! After I finished exploring Hum, I started talking with two locals who suggested I should visit Kolti. They’ve described the place as something I would find interesting. As soon as I sat in the car, I put “Kotli” in the nav and went there.

Since the locals told me it was an abandoned village, I expected it would be a ghost town, but it didn’t! There were people exploring it like I did. I was a bit disappointed because I wanted the “ghost town” look, but on the other hand – I was happy I went there because it is a cool little place.

Now, what does the internet say about Kotli?

Kotli, a small and distinctive village in the Istarska županija of Croatia, is part of the city of Buzet. This village is uniquely named after a natural phenomenon: ‘kotli’, which are kettle-shaped hollows in rocks formed by the flowing water. These natural formations can be seen within the village itself, adding to its unique charm.

The Mirna River flows through Kotli, creating stunning waterfalls and contributing to the village’s picturesque landscape. This river enhances the natural beauty of Kotli, making it an idyllic spot for nature lovers.

Historically, Kotli has a simple past. Before World War II, there was no school in the village, necessitating children to travel to nearby Hum or Buzet for their education. An old path along the Mirna River was frequently used by locals to travel to Buzet, particularly for the annual fair held in June.

Despite its small size, with the last census recording only one resident, Kotli has evolved into a popular tourist destination. It epitomizes the serene, rural Croatian village experience, distinguished by its unique geological feature. Kotli offers a peaceful retreat for those seeking to experience the tranquility and beauty of rural Croatia.

Check the Showcase page of Kotli by clicking HERE.


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