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- Kotli -

Kotli, located in central Istria, Croatia, is a picturesque and historically rich village known for its natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Photos taken on October 1st, 2023

Fun fact no 1

Kotli was once a thriving economic village, particularly recognized for its skilled millers and tailors. The village's prosperity was largely due to the presence of around sixty mills in the area, leveraging the power of the Mirna River. This economic activity played a significant role in the region's development, especially before the mills ceased operation in 1964.

Fun fact no 2

The village is renowned for its stunning natural features, including the Mirna River, which flows through Kotli, creating beautiful waterfalls and naturally hollowed cauldrons in stone. These formations are not only visually striking but have also given the village its name (Kotli translates to cauldrons in Croatian). The river's turquoise pools are particularly attractive, resembling natural jacuzzis, and offer a unique swimming experience.

Fun fact no 3

Despite being relatively isolated, Kotli has managed to preserve its rustic 19th-century look. The stone houses in the village feature many wooden elements, typical of northern Istrian architecture. This preservation gives visitors a glimpse into the past and makes Kotli a quintessential example of rural Istrian architecture and lifestyle.

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Kotli, a small and distinctive village in the Istarska ┼żupanija of Croatia, is part of the city of Buzet. This village is uniquely named after a natural phenomenon: 'kotli', which are kettle-shaped hollows in rocks formed by the flowing water.

These natural formations can be seen within the village itself, adding to its unique charm. The Mirna River flows through Kotli, creating stunning waterfalls and contributing to the village's picturesque landscape. This river enhances the natural beauty of Kotli, making it an idyllic spot for nature lovers.

Historically, Kotli has a simple past. Before World War II, there was no school in the village, necessitating children to travel to nearby Hum or Buzet for their education. An old path along the Mirna River was frequently used by locals to travel to Buzet, particularly for the annual fair held in June.

Despite its small size, with the last census recording only one resident, Kotli has evolved into a popular tourist destination. It epitomizes the serene, rural Croatian village experience, distinguished by its unique geological feature. Kotli offers a peaceful retreat for those seeking to experience the tranquility and beauty of rural Croatia.