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Omišalj on Krk Island, Croatia, is a historic town with a blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty. Known originally as Fulfinum, it's notable for its Glagolitic culture and strategic location overlooking Kvarner Bay. Today, it hosts the Rijeka Airport and the Port of Rijeka, maintaining its charm with landmarks like the Church of the Assumption and the archaeological park Mirine - Fulfinum. The town is also known for its vibrant Festival pučkog teatra, attracting those interested in history and Croatian culture.

Photos taken on March 17th, 2024

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Omišalj, one of the oldest settlements on Krk Island, boasts a history stretching back to the 1st century, initially known as Fulfinum, showcasing its deep historical roots and significance over millennia.

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The town is a historical and cultural beacon, noted for its contribution to the Glagolitic heritage, with landmarks like the Church of the Assumption and the Mirine - Fulfinum Archaeological Park, offering a window into its rich Roman past and Christian heritage.

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Every year, Omišalj comes to life with the Festival pučkog teatra, a vibrant celebration of folk dramatic expression held in the historic Prikešte Square, highlighting the town's enduring cultural vitality and its tradition of storytelling and performance arts.

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Nestled on the northwest shores of the island of Krk in Croatia, Omišalj is a picturesque municipality where the threads of history, culture, and the allure of nature are intricately woven together.

With a modest population of 1,887 residents as of 2021, this charming town stands as a vibrant testament to the area's rich historical tapestry.

Omišalj is not only one of the oldest settlements on the island but also a beacon of history stretching back to the 1st century. Originally established by the Romans and known as Fulfinum, the town sits majestically on a cliff overlooking the Kvarner Bay, elevated some 80 meters above sea level. Throughout the ages, it has served as an important center for Glagolitic culture, leaving a lasting imprint on the region's historical landscape.

The name "Castri musculi," referenced in the 12th century and derived from Latin, meaning "the place of shells," hints at the ancient roots and cultural richness of Omišalj. The narrative of the town is further enriched by the settlement of Vlachs and Morlachs in the surrounding areas during the second half of the 15th century, under the stewardship of Ivan VII Frankopan. The town is a treasure trove of cultural heritage sites. The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary stands as a significant landmark, embodying the spiritual heritage of Omišalj. Additionally, the Mirine - Fulfinum Archaeological Park, situated near the town, offers visitors a window into Omišalj's Roman ancestry.

Each year, Omišalj comes alive with the Festival pučkog teatra, a vibrant celebration of folk dramatic expression that attracts performers and audiences alike to the historic Prikešte Square and the ancient castle in Grobnik. These events not only entertain but also preserve and promote the rich cultural traditions of the region. Omišalj, with its deep historical roots, cultural vitality, and stunning natural surroundings, is an indispensable stop for any traveler to the island of Krk. It offers a unique blend of experiences for history enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those seeking an authentic slice of Croatian life. Today, Omišalj is recognized for its strategic importance, hosting the Rijeka Airport and the Port of Rijeka oil terminal. Yet, amidst its industrial roles, Omišalj has beautifully preserved its historical essence and the breathtaking natural scenery that encircles it.