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I use Photoshelter service to archive all the photos I take during this adventure. Within that, there is an option to search the archive by using keywords. There are many keywords within the uploaded photos, and you may use them to find the photos you're searching for.

But first, keep in mind the following: 

If you're looking for the city, just type the name of the city

If you're search input has more than one word, use brackets, for example: If you want to see all the photos from the Old Town Samobor, type: (Old Town Samobor)

If you can't find a photo you're searching, or you want to know is there going to be a photo of a particular town/topic, feel free to contact me.

List of the photographed places and topics, as well as and the number of photos in the archive, can be found on the Showcase page.

Or, if you don’t want to search anything particular and you just want to explore the content, go to the Photoshelter croatiacaptured.photoshelter.com where you can find everything.